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My name is Gabriella though most refer to me as Gab or Gabby! I am the owner of Shaping Eyes. Shaping Eyes was created in January of 2022. I'm a licensed esthetician and a certified lash and brow artist. I've been in the industry for 5 years.

Creating lashes and brows feels like art for me. I believe my passion for these detail oriented services sparked from enjoying art growing up. I took art all four years of high school and knew back then I had a calling to do something creative, I just had no idea what haha!


- I go on walks every morning.

- I live by the beach.

- I enjoy finding unique/vintage items.

- Alternative/ Indie Rock is my jam.

- I could live off fruit.

- Booskerdoo coffee is my pride and joy.

- Fall is my favorite season.

- Not a competitive person until it comes to mini golf.

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